The Truth about Valentine's Day

I have such a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day.  I am positive it is the most anxiety filled "holiday" there is.  Let's get something straight though first so you guys and girls don't think I'm a complete Negative Nancy, I absolutely LOVE love.  I love seeing people in love.  I love watching guys kiss their lady on the forehead.  I love seeing old people holding hands.  I love the feeling of being in love, honestly there is nothing like it.  Unfortunately this post isn't about love, it's about Valentine's Day, which I wouldn't even necessarily say are the same topic.  I saw a bag at Target today that read "Obligatory Gift" and I feel as if every person could probably use one.

For my next topic I will be discussing all the reasons why it gives me anxiety.  First I will start with the mandatory rose sending, nice dinner having, candy eating and mushy Facebook posting. Don't get me wrong, I never turn down a nice dinner.  I hate roses, but wouldn't turn those down either.  I can assure you that I would rather have those things any other day of the year though.  I don't ever want someone doing something for me simply because of a date on a calendar or because they feel like they have to.  I feel like it's important to make the person you are with feel special and show them you care every single day you are together.  Another thing that gives me anxiety is the whole gift giving situation.  I guess it all depends on how serious things are for most people, but no matter the case for me these questions always seem to arise: "What should I get him?"  "What if he doesn't get me anything" "Am I going to look stupid" "What if I get too much/not enough" All of these things stress me out.  Another thing is the ridiculously overpriced candy and places jacking up the prices on roses, like why?  They are THE SAME EXACT thing as any other day of the year.  They were trying to charge me almost two dollars for ONE Reese's heart. No thanks!  Lastly, picking out a damn card! I know personally for me it's the biggest challenge.  I spent 30 minutes today picking out one.  That's even longer than it takes me to pick out a nail color.  I ended up going with funny.  When in doubt, always go with funny.  Just being in that card aisle gives me anxiety.  There were so many people picking out cards, I feel that I should win The Nobel Peace Prize just for getting out of there without catching a charge of some kind.

For my last topic I will be discussing last minute gift ideas for the procrastinator type like myself.  I personally feel that the most important thing you can give someone on Valentine's Day is a card.  I mean c'mon, we have been giving out Valentine's cards our whole life.  I feel like it's just the right thing to do.  To me it is hands down the most important card I receive all year, and let's face it probably the only one I read.  I would say 9/10 times, I just shake them for money( sorry mom/grandma)  Moral of this story , you don't have to spend a million dollars to show someone you care.  Grab them a card, maybe throw one of those $2 Reese's hearts in there and give them your TIME.  It's the simple things, really.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovers XOXO- Amber