The Southern Gentleman: A Complete Guide

Typically when people think of the South they think of sweet tea, country music, Southern Belles, the word "y'all"( I don't care what anyone says, it's a word around here) SEC football, big hair (the bigger the hair the closer to God) good manners and with good manners comes my most favorite part of the South---SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN!!

This post is good for any man out there looking to really step their game up and for the women out there who need to realize that they need to raise the bar a little higher or that that have struck gold and how lucky  they are to have found a Southern Gentleman!  

Now I'll be the first to tell you that this post won't work for everyone because I can assure you that 18-28 year old me wanted nothing to do with a "Southern Gentleman".  They say your taste buds change as you get older so I guess that must apply to your taste in men as well.   I think we also get much wiser with age too.  Until I met one of these men in question I never realized how I was supposed to be treated and I can assure you I will never settle for anything less than someone who makes me feel anything but respected.  

Here are some guidelines, because some people could definitely use a little help. 

1. Call her!  

Anyone can pick up the phone and send a text.  Let's face it, a text requires no real effort.   I'm pretty sure they even make apps these days that you can set up to send out automatic messages for you.  Call me old fashioned but I love a good phone call full of REAL conversation.  The only texting I like is "good morning" and "how is your day".  The kissy face emoji is always nice too but I think women deserve a little more than just to be communicated with by text.   

2. Speaking of cell phones, pay more attention to her than your phone! 

There is nothing that drives me more crazy than to go to dinner with someone who invited YOU, and they sit there on their phones the entire time.  This doesn't just apply to men, this applies to friends and everyone really.  First of all you got ready, drive there, had to find a somewhat cute outfit, used $20 in makeup products on your face and then they just ignore you?  If they wanted to do that why didn't they just go eat by themselves?  It's just plain rude.  Unless I'm taking pictures of my food (which I do every time) I try to stay off of it, especially when on a date out of respect and plus if you aren't paying attention to the other person, how the heck are you suppose to get to know them?  Exactly. 

3. Pay attention to her!  

There is nothing that makes me personally feel more special than when I mention something that I like and a mental note is taken.  Could be as simple as you remembering her favorite wine, how she likes her steak cooked, what kind of dressing she likes on her salad, her favorite movie even.  Anything to let her know you truly pay attention and listen to her will go a long way.  It's the little things, really!! 

4. Open her car door! 

 I feel like this one should go without being said but a lot of people could probably benefit from reading that simple sentence.  Let's be honest, most of us are independent women and yes we can open our own door but guys, why not walk the extra 10 steps and make us feel special?  It is such a small gesture but will leave a lasting impression!

5. Always walk closest to the cars on a sidewalk! 

 Make sure you always have your lady on the side away from traffic.  I never had any idea this was a thing but I've got to admit it makes me feel extremely safe and protected.  That brings me to my next topic...

6. Always sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door.   

Being a woman myself I can speak from experience when I say we all want to feel protected.  Some of us may try to act all tough like we can handle anything but in realty it's nice to have a little extra safety in this crazy world in this day and age.  

7. Help her out! 

If you see her struggling with something... anything at all, help her out.  Whether she is putting on or taking off her jacket, struggling with cutting her own steak (like me) , trying to carry something, taking out the trash or pulling her chair out for her.   If she's cold, offer her your jacket.  

I'm sure there are some things I missed here but this is definitely a good way to get started in the right path !! Ladies if you find someone who does any or most of these things, chances are you have a keeper.  Thank you for reading and please share with anyone you think could benefit from it :) 

XOXO- Amber