The Grandparent's Guide to Facebook

Anyone over the age of 50, this one's for you.  It's 2016, and Facebook isn't just for twenty-some year olds anymore.  It's for every age, and let's face it, EVERYONE and their mama has it (literally).  I think it's safe to say that not everyone knows how to use it.  Being a self proclaimed Facebook expert, I would like to share some tricks of the trade, some do's and don'ts, with whoever may find this info useful.  You'll be an old pro in no time, no pun intended.


1)  This is important to know... there is a search bar and a what's on your mind section.  One is for your status, one is to search your grandkids names.  My grandmother was once trying to stalk me on Facebook and made my name her Facebook status.  BUSTED!! Love you Grandma!

2)  My dad's name is Dale.  Dale doesn't even text me on my phone anymore, he messages me on Facebook messenger.  I maybe check that messenger once a week.  Learn from his mistakes guys, Facebook messenger is not the answer, to anything ever.  Don't be a Dale.

3)  Did you know you can like something and not share it?  You don't have to share every single post you come across on Facebook.  There is a like button, there is even a love button.  Like and love everything always. 

4)  Set a profile picture.  Even if it's your Glamour Shot from 1984.  

5)  Chainletter types aren't real.  If you don't share something with 12 people, you aren't actually going to have bad luck for 10 years. 

6)  There is such a thing as too much information.  

7)  Feel free to comment on every single picture us grandchildren share.  We love it.

8)  If you see your sweet angel of a grandchild use a curse word on Facebook, make sure to call them out with a simple "watch your mouth". Let them know you're ashamed and disappointed.  That'll teach them a lesson.  I bet they will think twice before doing it again. 

9)  When you write a comment on something we post, you don't have to sign it "Grandma, Nanna, or Granddaddy" at the end.  We know who you are.  Though, I will have to admit it's the most adorable thing in the world.

10)   Remember when a # was actually called a pound sign?  Not so much anymore.  Nowadays it's called a hashtag.  A hashtag is used on social networking sites to create a tag or a link on a word.  Don't be surprised when you see someone using it in #every #single #word #like #this. #ANNOYING I know. 


Thank you for reading!  I almost forgot number 11.

11)  Click this link and press the like button


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