Hello, so happy you stopped by...

Who Am I?

My name is Amber Ford, a lifelong Nashville "native". I would love to say I am a genius computer geek or a biochemist or something, but the truth is I am a scatterbrained almost 30 year old (let's not talk about that, I don't have enough Kleenex) childless, husband-less regular girl. Ok, so maybe I'm not so regular.  I work full time and spend most of my free time making the most out of experiencing all of the beauty and greatness Nashville has to offer, trying to lose weight and eating dessert. Makes sense, right?

Why Did I Want To Start a Blog?

I feel almost as if it takes me back to the good ole' days aka the Myspace and Xanga days ( man, I feel ancient).  Plus hey, what's one more form of social media?

What Can You Expect To See Posted?

Like I said in my introduction, I am very scatterbrained.  To answer this question is like someone asking me to speak in a foreign language, going to be tough.  I will be posting lots of food, I forgot to mention earlier but I am a self proclaimed food critic and an avid taker of food pictures. Yes, I am the annoying girl taking pictures of all my food with the flash on at fancy restaurants.  I will be posting about things to do around town, photos ( I just got a new pretty nice camera so I guess you could say I am an amateur photographer, but just for fun and hobby, not trying to make a career out of it) giving credit to other talented people who deserve for their talent to be showcased, probably Nashville related fashion, probably a little makeup and hair products.... you know...stuff. :)

That Wasn’t So Hard Now, Was It?

I know I won’t win any prizes for this post, but for me it’s good enough for letting people know about this blog.


 I’ve finally done it. I’ve set up my own blog, bought my own website, thought of a blog name, which I must say was THE hardest part of this whole thing, created my own logo and published my first post.. I hope you all will find it interesting and useful, and I look forward to your comments. XOXO- Amber